…and when Music is Life

Music- an inherent part in everyone’s life. A song that refreshes you, a song that makes your face go numb, and a song that takes you back to the good old times. Those times, when life wasn’t in a hurry, and there used to be ample hours of happiness, Contrast to those times, the Reality, when described graphically resembles the Manhattan.

 Nostalgia, when interwoven with a song that complements it- results in a sudden  outflow of emotions that simply carries the tag “Priceless“. That feeling, which even the adjectives feel shy to exemplify  it. You denounce those watermarked paperswhen these emotions, draw you close to those golden times. Words put together as lyrics and music- when amalgamated together, transports you to those times of sempiternal peace.

 Dedicating songs to your loved ones, conveying your own feelings in the form of a song, is surely one of the best things that can be done. Cuz the song holds the exact lyrics that you wanna say her. The melodia of the song that makes your heart beat rhythmically, tends to produce the Virtual She right in front of your eyes, and ends up putting a smile on your face, For every small thing that puts up a smile on your face, remember that you have lived your life happily for today.. Tomorrow its going to be something more special.  ^_^

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